1973 Non-Aligned Standing Committee Conference

1973 Non-Aligned Movement Standing Committee Conference took place on 13-15 May 1973 in Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan.[1] The country participated in the work of the movement since the 1st Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement in Belgrade in 1961. Afghanistan perceived Non-Alignment as a guaranty of peace in independence in the context in which the country shared a long border both with Soviet Union and CENTO member states.[2] The 1973 meeting was opened by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan Mohammad Musa Shafiq.[3] While serving as a host country, Afghanistan decided to nevertheless play marginal role in the event concerned how its more prominent role may be perceived by major powers.[3] Delegation of Sri Lanka proposed Colombo as the host of the 5th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement which was strongly supported by SFR Yugoslavia.[3] Panama joined the NAM as an observer, while Bangladesh, despite reservations by Pakistan, joined as a full member state.[3] Yugoslavia supported unofficial interest by Australia and North Korea to attend the next meeting with observer status.[3] India, Guyana and SFR Yugoslavia played particularly active role in preparation of the working materials for the following summit in Algeria.[3] Chile proposed inclusion of discussion on measures against global corporate threats and measures to protect sovereign control over natural resources.[3] In July of the same year the host country was faced with 1973 Afghan coup d'état after which the new authorities stated their intention to maintain country's non-aligned position.[4]

Non-Aligned Standing Committee Conference
Host country Kingdom of Afghanistan
DateMay 13, 1973 (1973-05-13)-May 15, 1973 (1973-05-15)
ChairMohammed Zahir Shah
(King of Afghanistan)

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