1972 1000 km Buenos Aires

The 1972 Buenos Aires 1000 Kilometers was the opening round of the 1972 World Championship for Makes season. It took place at the Autódromo Oscar Alfredo Gálvez, Argentina, on January 10, 1972. This would be the last time that the World Championship ran in a South American country.

Grand tourer class cars did not participate in this event.

Official resultsEdit

Class winners in bold. Cars failing to complete 70% of the winner's distance marked as Not Classified (NC).

Pos Class No Team Drivers Chassis Laps
1 S3.0 30   SpA Ferrari SEFAC   Ronnie Peterson
  Tim Schenken
Ferrari 312PB 168
Ferrari 3.0 Flat-12
2 S3.0 32   SpA Ferrari SEFAC   Clay Regazzoni
  Brian Redman
Ferrari 312PB 168
Ferrari 3.0L Flat-12
3 S3.0 10   Giovanni Alberti   Carlo Facetti
  Giovanni Alberti
  Andrea de Adamich
Alfa Romeo T33/3 162
Alfa Romeo 3.0L V8
4 S3.0 2   Autodelta SpA   Vic Elford
  Helmut Marko
Alfa Romeo 33TT3 160
Alfa Romeo 3.0L V8
5 S2.0 36   Chevron Racing Team   John Hine
  José Juncadella
Chevron B19 158
Ford Cosworth FVC 2.0L I4
6 S3.0 40   Escuderia Montjuich   Juan Fernández
  Jorge de Bagration
Porsche 908/03 157
Porsche 3.0L Flat-8
7 S3.0 14   Ecurie Bonnier   Gérard Larrousse
  Chris Craft
  Reine Wisell
Lola T280 156
Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0L V8
8 S2.0 34   Chevron Racing Team   Niki Bosch
  John Bridges
Chevron B19 156
Ford Cosworth FVC 2.0L I4
9 S3.0 8   Autodelta SpA   Nino Vaccarella
  Carlos Pairetti
Alfa Romeo 33TT3 153
Alfa Romeo 3.0L V8
10 S3.0 28   SpA Ferrari SEFAC   Jacky Ickx
  Mario Andretti
Ferrari 312PB 152
Ferrari 3.0L Flat-12
11 S2.0 26   Abarth-Osella   Jorge Ternengo
  Claudio Francisci
Abarth 2000SP/71 145
Abarth 2.0L I4
12 S2.0 38   Eris Tondelli   Eris Tondelli
  Carlos Pascualini
Chevron B19 137
Ford Cosworth FVC 2.0L I4
13 S2.0 16   Ecurie Bonnier   Gianpiero Moretti
  Carlos Ruesch
Lola T212 127
Ford Cosworth FVC 2.0L I4
14 S2.0 18   Ecurie Bonnier   Hector Luis Gradassi
  Emilio Bertolini
Lola T212 118
Ford Cosworth FVC 2.0L I4
S2.0 42   Écurie Esmerelda   Jean-Louis Lafosse
  Georges Dumoing
Lola T212 103
Ford Cosworth FVC 2.0L I4
S3.0 12   Ecurie Bonnier   Gérard Larrousse
  Reine Wisell
Lola T280 106
Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0L V8
S3.0 6   Autodelta SpA   Toine Hezemans
  Rolf Stommelen
Alfa Romeo 33TT3 71
Alfa Romeo 3.0L V8
S3.0 4   Autodelta SpA   Andrea de Adamich
  Nanni Galli
Alfa Romeo 33TT3 60
Alfa Romeo 3.0L V8
S2.0 24   Abarth-Osella   Dieter Quester
  Alex Soler-Roig
Abarth 2000SP/71 60
Abarth 2.0L I4
S2.0 22   Abarth-Osella   Arturo Merzario
  Spartaco Dini
Abarth 2000SP/71 47
Abarth 2.0L I4
S2.0 20   Ecurie Bonnier   Hughes de Fierlandt
  Jorge Cupeiro
Lola T212 13
Ford Cosworth FVC 2.0L I4
S2.0 46   Ecurie Bino   Wilson Fittipaldi
  José Renato Catapani
Lola T212 8
Ford Cosworth FVC 2.0L I4
S2.0 44   Grand Prix Motor Racing Org.   José Carlos Pace
  Angel Monguzzi
AMS 1300 4
Ford Cosworth FVC 2.0L I4
DNS S3.0 48   Oreste Berta   Nestor García-Veiga
  Rubén Luis di Palma
Berta LR -
Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0L V8


  • Pole Position - #30 SpA Ferrari SEFAC - 1:58.59
  • Fastest Lap - #12 Ecurie Bonnier - 1:58.39
  • Average Speed - 173.886 km/h


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