1972–73 in English field hockey

The 1972–73 English Hockey League season took place from September 1972 until May 1973.

1972–73 England Hockey League
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The principal event was the Men's Cup (National Clubs Championship) which was won by Hounslow.[1]

The vast majority of the season consisted of regional leagues. The first National League tournament (The National Inter League Championship) would not be introduced until September 1975.

Men's Cup (Benson & Hedges National Clubs Championship) edit

Quarter-finals edit

Team 1 Team 2 Score
Bristol Hightown 1-0
Colchester Hounslow 0-4

Semi-finals edit


Team 1 Team 2 Score
UK Land Forces Bristol 1-2
Cannock Hounslow 0-3

Final edit

(Held at Colston's School, Bristol on 6 May)

Team 1 Team 2 Score
Hounslow Bristol 4-0
P Morgan
F H Scott
I S Steepe
Ian Thompson
W Morris
Glen Evans
John Grimmer
Mike Corby
Bill Smith
Christopher Langhorne
Ian Barrett
C Davis
D Wright
P Gillsland
R Lang
J Spencer
B Allfrey
D Gibbs
J Evans
R Jacob
B Stokes
R Reid

References edit

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