1973–74 in English field hockey

The 1973–74 English Hockey League season took place from September 1973 until May 1974.

1973–74 England Hockey League
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The principal event was the Men's Cup (National Clubs Championship) which was won by Southgate.[1]

The vast majority of the season consisted of regional leagues. The first National League tournament (The National Inter League Championship) would not be introduced until September 1975.

Men's Cup (Benson & Hedges National Clubs Championship)Edit


Team 1 Team 2 Score
St Luke's College, Exeter Derby March 16
RAF Strike Command Brooklands 2-0
Bedfordshire Eagles
Southgate Guildford 3-0



Team 1 Team 2 Score
Southgate RAF Strike Command 7-0
Bedfordshire Eagles St Luke's College, Exeter 2-1 aet


(Held at Luton on 19 May)

Team 1 Team 2 Score
Southgate Bedfordshire Eagles 3-0

David Owen, David Collison, David Whitaker, Anthony Ekins, Ian McGinn, Bernie Cotton, P J White (J V Knight sub), Michael Corby, Michael Crowe, John Walker, James Neale
Bedfordshire Eagles
P K Ball, M W Blake, T J Machin, D Bunyan, Brajinder Daved, P Goodyear, P Ellis, K N Tubby, S Sharma, M Kavanagh, C M Hodge (G Player sub)


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