1971 Asian Weightlifting Championships

The 1971 Asian Weightlifting Championships were held at the auditorium of the Far Eastern University in Manila, Philippines between October 9 and October 11, 1971. Weightlifters from seven countries Iran, Israel, South Korea, Philippines, Australia (as guest nation), Indonesia and Taiwan competed in the tournament.

Medal summaryEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
52 kg
Salvador del Rosario
305.0 kg Charlie Depthios
305.0 kg Arturo Dandan
295.0 kg
56 kg
Mohammad Nassiri
335.0 kg Shin Ho-kang
  South Korea
322.5 kg Ze'ev Friedman
300.0 kg
60 kg
Choi Mun-jae
  South Korea
355.0 kg Chung Young-duk
  South Korea
345.0 kg Amir Darmanki
340.0 kg
67.5 kg
Nasrollah Dehnavi
425.0 kg Won Shin-hee
  South Korea
420.0 kg Madek Kasman
390.0 kg
75 kg
Rudy Tilaar
357.5 kg Reynaldo Madrid
347.5 kg Federico Ferrer
345.0 kg
Light heavyweight
82.5 kg
Ebrahim Pourdejam
425.0 kg David Berger
422.5 kg Park Moon-soo
  South Korea
407.5 kg
Middle heavyweight
90 kg
Ali Vali
435.0 kg Oh Shik-kwan
  South Korea
415.0 kg Sutanto Hartono
350.0 kg
110 kg
Houshang Kargarnejad
472.5 kg Yun Sook-woon
  South Korea
465.0 kg Nasser Doroudian
440.0 kg
Super heavyweight
+110 kg
Abdul Rosjid
402.5 kg Adnan Hodroj
390.0 kg Akbar Shokrollahi
385.0 kg

Medal tableEdit

1  Iran5038
2  Indonesia2125
3  South Korea1517
4  Philippines1124
5  Israel0213
Totals (5 nations)99927