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The 1970 Gediz earthquake (also known as the 1970 Kütahya-Gediz earthquake) struck western Turkey on 28 March at about 23:02 local time, with an estimated magnitude of 7.2 on the Ms scale.

1970 Gediz earthquake
1970 Gediz earthquake is located in Turkey
1970 Gediz earthquake
UTC time1970-03-28 21:02:24
ISC event798506
Local date28 March 1970 (1970-03-28)[1]
Local time23:02:24
Magnitude7.2 Ms (ISC)
Depth17.7 km
Epicenter39°12′N 29°30′E / 39.2°N 29.5°E / 39.2; 29.5Coordinates: 39°12′N 29°30′E / 39.2°N 29.5°E / 39.2; 29.5
Areas affectedTurkey
Casualties1,086 dead, 1,260 injured[1]

The event killed 1,086 people and left 1,260 people wounded and many thousands homeless in Gediz.[1] a district of Kütahya Province situated 98 km (61 mi) southeast of Kütahya.[2] Many people were burned alive as fires broke out from overturned stoves, and 9,452 buildings in the region were severely damaged or destroyed.[1]

The town of Gediz, home to repeated natural disasters like earthquakes and floods, was relocated following a government resolution soon after the destruction to a new place 7 km (4.3 mi) away on the road to Uşak under the name "Yeni Gediz" (literally: New Gediz). The residents moved in their newly built, earthquake-resistant homes. Neighboring towns and villages were also rebuilt at places with relative minimum earthquake risk.[1]

Other major earthquakes occurred in Gediz in 1866 and 1896, and on June 25, 1944, at 07:20 local time, a magnitude 6.0 earthquake occurred in Gediz, killing 20 people and damaging around 3,500 buildings.[1]

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