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The Major League Baseball draft (or "first-year player draft") recruits amateur baseball players into the American Major League Baseball league. The players selected in 1967 included many talented prospects who later had careers in the professional league. Some selections included Bobby Grich and Don Baylor (Baltimore), Vida Blue (Kansas City Athletics), Dusty Baker and Ralph Garr (Atlanta), Ken Singleton and Jon Matlack (Mets), and Ted Simmons and Jerry Reuss (St. Louis). In the January draft, Boston selected catcher Carlton Fisk and the New York Mets drafted Ken Singleton. The Cincinnati Reds selected Chris Chambliss in the 31st round only to have him enroll in junior college. The Mets chose Dan Pastorini in the 32nd round, but Pastorini chose football and played several seasons in the NFL. Atlanta also chose Archie Manning in the 43rd round.

1967 Major League Baseball draft
First selectionRon Blomberg
New York Yankees
First round selections20
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1968 →

First round selectionsEdit

Other notable SelectionsEdit

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Round Pick Player Team Position
2 27 Vida Blue Kansas City Athletics Pitcher
2 29 Dave Kingman* California Angels Pitcher
2 30 Jerry Reuss St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher
2 39 Don Baylor Baltimore Orioles Outfielder
3 52 Ralph Garr Atlanta Braves Second Baseman
3 56 Richie Zisk Pittsburgh Pirates Outfielder
4 68 Fred Kendall Cincinnati Reds Catcher
4 78 Steve Busby* San Francisco Giants Pitcher
4 80 Steve Yeager Los Angeles Dodgers Catcher
5 96 Dave Goltz Minnesota Twins Pitcher
8 157 Dave Lopes* San Francisco Giants Outfielder
10 189 Lenny Randle* St. Louis Cardinals Shortstop
11 216 Al Hrabosky* Minnesota Twins Pitcher
15 296 Rick Dempsey Minnesota Twins Catcher
20 396 Gary Lavelle San Francisco Giants Pitcher
20 397 Doug Rau* Baltimore Orioles Pitcher
26 503 Dusty Baker Atlanta Braves Outfielder
31 587 Chris Chambliss* Cincinnati Reds First Baseman
32 599 Dan Pastorini* New York Mets Shortstop
43 779 Archie Manning* Atlanta Braves Shortstop
60 924 Steve Rogers* New York Yankees Pitcher

* Did not sign


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