1967 Indian presidential election

The Election Commission of India held the indirect 4th presidential elections of India on May 6, 1967. Dr. Zakir Husain, with 471,244 votes, won the presidency over his rival Koka Subba Rao, who garnered 363,971 votes.

1967 Indian presidential election

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  President Zakir Husain 1998 stamp of India.jpg Justice K. Subba Rao.jpg
Nominee Zakir Husain Koka Subba Rao
Party Independent Independent
Home state Uttar Pradesh Andhra Pradesh
Electoral vote 471,244 363,971
Percentage 56.2% 43.4%

President before election

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Elected President

Zakir Husain


Source: Web archive of Election Commission of India website[1][2][3][4]

Candidate Electoral Values
Zakir Husain 471,244
Koka Subba Rao 363,971
Khubi Ram 1,369
Yamuna Prasad Trisulia 232
Shriniwas Gopal Bhamburkar 232
Brahma Deo 232
Krishna Kumar Chatterjee 125
Kumar Kamla Singh 125
Chandradatt Senani
U. P. Chugani
M. C. Davar
Chowdhry Hari Ram
Man Singh Ahluwalia 122
Seetharamaiah Ramaswamy Sharma Hoysala
Swami Satyabhakta
Total 838,170


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