1962 Rand Grand Prix

The 5th Rand Grand Prix was a motor race, run to Formula One rules, held on 15 December 1962 at Kyalami, South Africa. The race was run over 50 laps of the circuit, and was won by British driver Jim Clark, who led from start to finish in his Lotus 25.

1962 Rand Grand Prix
Non-championship race in the 1962 Formula One season
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Race details
Date 15 December 1962
Official name V Rand Grand Prix
Location Kyalami, Johannesburg
Course Permanent racing facility
Course length 4.096 km (2.545 mi)
Distance 50 laps, 204.8 km (127.25 mi)
Pole position
Driver Lotus-Climax
Time 1:35.0
Fastest lap
Driver United Kingdom Jim Clark Lotus-Climax
Time 1:35.3
First Lotus-Climax
Second Lotus-Climax
Third Lola-Climax

There were a very large number of entries for this race, and many of the local drivers did not qualify. Among the more unusual entries was the Lotus 7 of Brausch Niemann, and the non-qualifying Cooper of Dave Riley, which was fitted with a BMC engine.


Pos Driver Entrant Constructor Time/Retired Grid
1   Jim Clark Team Lotus Lotus-Climax 1.20:47.4 1
2   Trevor Taylor Team Lotus Lotus-Climax + 0.3 s 2
3   John Surtees Bowmaker Racing Team Lola-Climax + 23.7 s 4
4   Gary Hocking Rob Walker Racing Team Lotus-Climax 49 laps 11
5   Neville Lederle Neville Lederle Lotus-Climax 49 laps 8
6   Doug Serrurier Otelle Nucci LDS-Alfa Romeo 48 laps 9
7   Peter de Klerk Otelle Nucci Alfa Romeo Special 47 laps 13
8   Sam Tingle Sam Tingle LDS-Alfa Romeo 47 laps 19
9   Fanie Viljoen G.E. Mennie LDS-Climax 46 laps 15
10   Brausch Niemann Brausch Niemann Lotus-Ford 46 laps 21
11   Ernie Pieterse Ernie Pieterse Lotus-Climax 46 laps 12
12   Bernard Podmore Grosvenor Motors Lotus-Climax 44 laps 17
13   Gene Bosman Gene Bosman LDS-Alfa Romeo 43 laps 18
14   Bob van Niekerk Equipe Judette Lotus-Climax 40 laps 14
15   Richie Ginther Owen Racing Organisation BRM 36 laps / Engine 5
Ret   Tony Maggs John Love Cooper-Climax Gearbox 10
Ret   Syd van der Vyver Syd van der Vyver Lotus-Climax Clutch 7
Ret   Innes Ireland UDT Laystall Racing Team Lotus-Climax Front suspension 6
Ret   Graham Hill Owen Racing Organisation BRM Gearbox 3
Ret   Mike Harris Mike Harris Cooper-Alfa Romeo Puncture 20
Ret   Adrian Pheiffer Adrian Pheiffer Cooper-Alfa Romeo Gearbox 16
DNQ   Trevor Blokdyk Hoffman Racing Team Cooper-Alfa Romeo
DNQ   Bill Dunlop Bill Dunlop Cooper-Alfa Romeo
DNQ   Tony Kotze Bond Cars Assegai-Alfa Romeo
DNQ   Vern McWilliams Vern McWilliams Lotus-Borgward
DNQ   Peter van Niekerk Ted Lanfear Lotus-Ford
DNQ   Errol Hammon Errol Hammon LDS-Ford
DNQ   Lionel Wilmot Lionel Wilmot Lotus-Ford
DNQ   Clive Trundell Clive Trundell Cooper-Climax
DNQ   Dave Charlton Ecurie Tomahawk Lotus-Ford
DNQ   Dave Riley Dave Riley Cooper-BMC
DNQ   Eric Glasby Eric Glasby Cooper-Alfa Romeo
DNQ   Jack Holme Jack Holme Lotus-Climax
DNQ   Rauten Hartmann Rauten Hartmann Netuar-Peugeot
WD   Ray Cresp Hoffman Racing Team Cooper-Alfa Romeo
WD   Neville Austin Neville Austin Cooper-Climax Car driven by Trundell
WD   Bruce Johnstone Bruce Johnstone BRM No car
  • Gary Hocking was also entered in his own Lotus-Climax, but raced the one entered by the Rob Walker Racing Team.
  • Scuderia Lupini entered a Cooper-Maserati but withdrew it without designating a driver.


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