1962 Lavant Cup

The 14th Lavant Cup was a motor race, run to Formula One rules, held on 23 April 1962 at Goodwood Circuit, England. The race was run over 21 laps of the circuit, and was won by New Zealand driver Bruce McLaren in a Cooper T55.

1962 Lavant Cup
Non-championship race in the 1962 Formula One season
Goodwood track map.svg
Race details
Date 23 April 1962
Official name XIV Lavant Cup
Location Goodwood Circuit, West Sussex
Course Permanent racing facility
Course length 3.862 km (2.4 mi)
Distance 21 laps, 81.1 km (50.4 mi)
Pole position
Driver Cooper-Climax
Time 1:37.0
Fastest lap
Driver New Zealand Bruce McLaren Cooper-Climax
Time 1:25.4
First Cooper-Climax
Second Lola-Climax
Third Lotus-Climax

This race was held directly before the 1962 Glover Trophy, on the same day at the same circuit, with some drivers taking part in both events. Another Formula One race, the 1962 Pau Grand Prix, was also held on the same day. The Lavant Cup was normally a Formula Two race, but for 1962 it was open to Formula One cars with four-cylinder engines, thus excluding the BRMs and those cars using the Climax V8 engine. The V6 Ferraris were at the Pau event, so they were not affected by this rule.

McLaren won the race comfortably after John Surtees' car was hit by Günther Seiffert at the chicane while the Briton was lapping him.


Pos No. Driver Entrant Constructor Time/Retired Grid
1 22   Bruce McLaren Cooper Car Company Cooper-Climax 30:31.8 1
2 6   Roy Salvadori Bowmaker Racing Team Lola-Climax + 45.8 s 5
3 17   Tony Shelly John Dalton Lotus-Climax + 56.2 s 2
4 18   Keith Greene Gilby Engineering Gilby-Climax 20 laps 9
5 16   Jay Chamberlain Jay Chamberlain Lotus-Climax 19 laps 7
6 15   Graham Eden Gerry Ashmore Emeryson-Climax 19 laps 10
7 11   Wolfgang Seidel Autosport Team Wolfgang Seidel Porsche 19 laps 8
Ret 14   Gerry Ashmore Gerry Ashmore Lotus-Climax Oil pipe 12
Ret 10   Tony Settember Emeryson Cars Emeryson-Climax Oil / water leaks 4
Ret 21   John Surtees Bowmaker Racing Team Lola-Climax Accident 3
Ret 12   Günther Seiffert Autosport Team Wolfgang Seidel Lotus-Climax Accident 11
DNS 19   John Campbell-Jones Emeryson Cars Emeryson-Climax Engine on grid (6)
WD 24   Ross Greenville Ross Greenville Cooper-Climax Driver unfit -
  • Team Lotus entered a car for this race and was given No. 3, but withdrew without designating a driver.


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