1960 Concepción earthquakes

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The 1960 Concepción earthquakes were a succession of three destructive earthquakes that happened between 21 and 22 May 1960. They formed part of the foreshock sequence for the 1960 Valdivia earthquake, the largest recorded earthquake in history.[6]

The first 1960 Concepción earthquake
UTC time1960-05-21 10:02
ISC event879106
Local date21 May 1960 (21 May 1960)
Local time6:02 AM UTC-4
Magnitude8.1 [1] 8.3[2]Mw 7.3 [3] 7.5[4]MS
Depth25.0 km [1]
37°49′26.4″S 73°21′10.8″W / 37.824000°S 73.353000°W / -37.824000; -73.353000Coordinates: 37°49′26.4″S 73°21′10.8″W / 37.824000°S 73.353000°W / -37.824000; -73.353000[1]
Areas affectedConcepción, Arauco and Ñuble in Chile
Max. intensityX[5] Mercalli
Casualties125 dead

The first was on May 21 at 06:02 UTC-4.[3] Its epicenter was near Cañete, Bío Bío Region, Chile, and its magnitude was 8.1 [1] or 8.3[2]MW and 7.3[3] or 7.5[4]MS. This earthquake, which lasted 35 seconds, destroyed a third of the buildings in the city of Concepción.[7]

The earthquake effectively interrupted and ended Lota's coal miners march on Concepción where they demanded higher salaries.[8]

First earthquake intensity[5]
21 May at 6:02 UTC earthquake
City MMI Damage
Concepción IX 125 dead. A third of the buildings were destroyed.[7]
Talcahuano IX 65% of buildings were destroyed.
Coronel IX
Lota IX
Lebu X
The second 1960 Concepción earthquake
UTC time1960-05-22 10:30:44
ISC event879127
Local date22 May 1960 (1960-05-22)
Local time06:30 AM UTC-4
Magnitude7.1[9] Mw
Depth25.0[9] km
EpicenterNahuelbuta National Park
37°46′30″S 73°01′02″W / 37.77500°S 73.01722°W / -37.77500; -73.01722[9]
Areas affectedProvinces of Concepción, Arauco and Ñuble in Chile

The second happened on May 22 at 06:30 UTC-4.[10] Its epicenter was in the Nahuelbuta National Park, Araucanía Region, Chile, and its magnitude was 7.1 Mw.[9] It was followed by a 6.8 Mw earthquake at 06:32 UTC-4.[11]

The third 1960 Concepción earthquake
UTC time1960-05-22 18:56:02
ISC event879134
Local date22 May 1960 (1960-05-22)
Local time14:56 PM UTC-4
Magnitude7.8[12] Mw 7.8[4] MS
Depth25 km [12]
38°03′39.6″S 73°02′20.4″W / 38.061000°S 73.039000°W / -38.061000; -73.039000[12]
Areas affectedProvinces of Concepción, Arauco and Ñuble in Chile

The third happened the same day at 14:56 UTC-4. Its epicenter was near Purén, Araucanía Region, Chile and its magnitude was 7.8 MS or 7.8 Mw.[12] This earthquake happened 15 minutes before the 1960 Valdivia earthquake.[4]

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