1958 Sikkimese general election

General elections were held in Sikkim in 1958.[1] The Sikkim State Congress emerged as the largest party, winning seven of the 20 seats.[1] Voter turnout was around 35%.[1]

1958 Sikkimese general election

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14 seats in the Sikkim State Council
  Majority party Minority party
Last election 6 6
Seats won 7 6

Electoral systemEdit

The State Council was established in 1953 by the Chogyal.[2] It originally had 18 members, of which 12 were elected and six (including the President) appointed by the Chogyal.[2] Of the 12 elected members, six were for the Nepali community and six for the Lepcha and the Bhutia communities.[2] For the 1958 elections the number of seats was increased to 20. One seat for the Sangha was added, together with an unreserved seat.[2][3]

Candidates for election to the Council had to be at least 30 years old, whilst the voting age was set at 21.[1] Around 55,000 voters registered for the election.[1]


Sikkim State Congress1607+1
Sikkim National Party50160
Appointed members60
Source: Hamlet Bareh


# Constituency Reservation Name Party
1 Gangtok Bhutia-Lepcha Sonam Tshering Lepcha
2 Kesang Wangdi
3 Sikkimese Nepali Narendra Nar Singh Sikkim State Congress
4 North-Central Bhutia-Lepcha Martam Topden
5 Thendup Bhutia
6 Sikkimese Nepali Nahakul Pradhan Sikkim State Congress
7 Namchi Bhutia-Lepcha Kazi Norbu Wangdi
8 Sikkimese Nepali Sangkhaman Rai Sikkim State Congress
9 Kashi Raj Pradhan
10 Pemayangtse Bhutia-Lepcha Gaden Tashi
11 Sikkimese Nepali Sher Bahadur Gurung Sikkim State Congress
12 Bhujit Mukhia
13 General General Chaksung Bhutia
14 Sangha Lharipa Rinzing Lama Sikkim National Party
Source: Sikkim Darbar Gazette[4][5]

Appointed membersEdit

In addition to the elected members, six others were appointed to the Sikkim State Council by the Chogyal, on 15 March; Rai Bahadur Densapa, Rev. Chotuk Tsering Pazo, Indra Prasad Subba, Bhairap Bahadur Lamchaney, Atal Singh Dewan and Hon Lt Prem Bahadur Basnet.[6]

Executive CouncilEdit

The Executive Council was chosen from among the elected members, in addition to the Dewan of Sikkim, who was its President:

Name Responsibility
N. K. Rustomji President
K. R. Pradhan Senior Executive Councillor
Martam Topden Executive Councillor
Nahakul Pradhan Deputy Executive Councillor
Norbu Wangdi Deputy Executive Councillor
Chuksung Bhutia Deputy Executive Councillor
Source: Proceedings of the Executive Council[7]


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