1957 New Caledonian legislative election

Legislative elections were held in New Caledonia on 6 October 1957.[1] The result was a victory for the Caledonian Union, which won 18 of the 30 seats.

Electoral system edit

Prior to the elections the 25-seat General Council was replaced by a 30-seat Territorial Assembly. The new body was elected by open list proportional representation.[2]

The elections were held under universal suffrage, with around 33,600 registered voters,[1] of which 18,964 were Kanaks and 13,406 Europeans.[3]

Campaign edit

A total of 123 candidates contested the 30 seats, representing eight parties.[1] The campaign started on 16 September,[4] and was reported by Pacific Islands Monthly to have been "mild, with hardly an unkind word exchanged".[1]

Results edit

Of the 30 elected members, 17 were Europeans and 13 Kanaks.[1]

Caledonian Union18
National Centre of Social Republicans7
Lafleur Party3
Group of Caledonian Peasants1
Rally of Caledonian Workers1
Source: Pacific Islands Monthly

Elected members edit

Constituency Member Party
East (7 seats) Bernard Brou National Centre of Social Republicans
Évenor de Greslan Caledonian Union
Antoine Griscelli Caledonian Union
Kiolet Néa Galet Caledonian Union
Émile Wénou Néchero Caledonian Union
Jonas Hiaboués Pagoubealo Caledonian Union
Doui Matayo Wetta Caledonian Union
Islands (5 seats) Paul Katrei Caledonian Union
Michel Kauma Caledonian Union
Henri Naisseline National Centre of Social Republicans
Pascal Sihazé National Centre of Social Republicans
Dick Ukeiwé Caledonian Union
South (10 seats) Edmond Caillard National Centre of Social Republicans
Georges Chatenay National Centre of Social Republicans
Georges Dubois Lafleur Party
Thomas Hagen National Centre of Social Republicans
Henri Lafleur Lafleur Party
Jean Le Borgne Caledonian Union
Gabriel Mussot Rally of Caledonian Workers
Armand Ohlen Caledonian Union
Rock Pidjot Caledonian Union
Albert Satragne Lafleur Party
West (8 seats) Lucien Allard Caledonian Union
Marcel Bordes Group of Caledonian Peasants
Émile Charlet Caledonian Union
Raymond Clavier Caledonian Union
René Hénin National Centre of Social Republicans
Maurice Lenormand Caledonian Union
Gabriel Païta Caledonian Union
Théophile Wakolo Pouyé Caledonian Union

Aftermath edit

An eight-member cabinet was elected by the Territorial Assembly in late October. All eight ministers were from the Caledonian Union.[5]

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