The 2nd RedeX Trophy was a motor race, run to Formula One rules, held on 14 August 1954 at Snetterton Circuit, Norfolk. The race was run over 40 laps, and was won by British driver Reg Parnell in a Ferrari 625, setting fastest lap in the process. Bob Gerard in a Cooper T23-Bristol was second and Don Beauman in a Connaught Type A-Lea Francis was third.[1][2]

1954 RedeX Trophy
Non-championship race in the 1954 Formula One season
Race details
Date 14 August 1954
Official name II RedeX Trophy
Location Snetterton Circuit, Norfolk
Course Permanent racing facility
Course length 4.35 km (2.71 miles)
Distance 40 laps, 174.0 km (108.4 miles)
Pole position
  • Not known
Grid positions set by ballot
Fastest lap
Driver United Kingdom Reg Parnell Ferrari
Time 1:48.4
First Ferrari
Second Cooper-Bristol
Third Connaught-Lea Francis


Pos. No. Driver Entrant Car Time/Ret.
1 1   Reg Parnell Scuderia Ambrosiana Ferrari 500 1:13:16.8, 88.42mph
2 8   Bob Gerard F.R. Gerard Cooper T23-Bristol +49.0s
3 3   Don Beauman Sir Jeremy Boles Connaught Type A-Lea Francis +1 lap
4 19   Horace Gould Gould's Garage (Bristol) Cooper T23-Bristol +1 lap
5 30   Rodney Nuckey Ecurie Richmond Cooper T23-Bristol +2 laps
6 17   Charles Boulton Ecurie Ane Connaught-Lea Francis +4 laps
7 15   Dick Gibson R. Gibson Cooper T23-Bristol +5 laps
8 16   Horace Richards H.A. Richards HAR-Riley +14 laps
Ret 5   Bill Whitehouse W.J. Whitehouse Connaught Type A-Lea Francis 23 laps, transmission
Ret 9   Peter Whitehead P.N. Whitehead Cooper T24-Alta 19 laps, suspension
Ret 14   Ted Whiteaway E.N. Whiteaway HWM-Alta 16 laps, steering
Ret 11   Jack Fairman J.H. Webb Turner-Lea Francis 13 laps, mechanical
Ret 20   Charles Mauritzen The Border Reivers Cooper T20-Bristol 4 laps, mechanical
Ret 6   Leslie Marr L. Marr Connaught Type A-Lea Francis 1 lap, crash
Ret 12   Anthony Brooke A. Brooke HWM-Alta 1 lap, crash
DNA 2   Don Beauman Sir Jeremy Boles Ferrari 625 car not purchased
DNA 4   John Riseley-Prichard Sir Jeremy Boles Connaught Type A-Lea Francis car driven by Beauman
DNA 7   Michael Young Roebuck Engineering Connaught Type A-Lea Francis
DNA 10   Roy Salvadori Gilby Engineering Maserati 250F car not repaired
DNA 18   Paul Emery Emeryson Cars Emeryson Mk.1-Alta
DNA 28   Tony Crook T.A.D. Crook Cooper T23-Bristol
DNA 34   Peter Collins G.A. Vandervell Vanwall


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