1953 Concepción earthquake

The 1953 Concepción earthquake occurred on May 6 at 17:16 UTC (13:16 local time). The epicenter was located offshore Biobío Region, Chile. It had a magnitude of Ms 7.6, or ML 7.6.[2] Twelve people were reported dead in this earthquake.[3]

1953 Concepción earthquake
1953 Concepción earthquake is located in South America
1953 Concepción earthquake
UTC time1953-05-06 17:16:48
ISC event891664
Local dateMay 6, 1953 (1953-05-06)
Local time13:16:48
MagnitudeMs 7.6
Depth64 km (40 mi) [1]
Epicenter36°30′S 72°36′W / 36.5°S 72.6°W / -36.5; -72.6 [1]
Areas affectedChile

In Concepción, 15% of the buildings were damaged. Electricity and gas were not affected. However, the electricity service was suspended as a precaution.[3]

In Chillán, the intensity reached MM X. Many houses were destroyed. The electricity, telegraph, and telephone services were interrupted.[3]

In Tomé, several houses were damaged, and many families stayed in the open.[3]

This earthquake was located close to the 1939 Chillán earthquake. However, the focal mechanism of the 1953 Concepción earthquake was reverse faulting, while that of the 1939 Chillán earthquake was normal faulting. It was not clear whether the 1953 Concepción earthquake was an interplate or intraplate earthquake.[2]

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