1953 Austrian legislative election

Parliamentary elections were held in Austria on 22 February 1953. They were the elections in which the Socialist Party received the most votes since 1920. However, the Austrian People's Party won the most seats. The grand coalition between the two parties was continued with Julius Raab replacing Leopold Figl as Chancellor of Austria, who had had to resign after facing criticism from his own party, and Adolf Schärf of the Socialist Party remaining Vice Chancellor.[1][2]

1953 Austrian legislative election

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165 seats in the National Council of Austria
83 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  Figl leopold 01b.jpg Adolf Schärf 1961.jpg
Leader Leopold Figl Adolf Schärf
Last election 44.03%, 77 seats 38.71%, 67 seats
Seats won 74 73
Seat change Decrease 3 Increase 6
Popular vote 1,781,777 1,818,517
Percentage 41.26% 42.11%
Swing Decrease2.77pp Increase3.40pp

  Third party Fourth party
  Johann Koplenig auf dem VI. Parteitag der SED 1963.jpg
Leader Herbert Kraus Johann Koplenig
Party VdU KPÖ
Leader since 25 March 1949
Last election 11.67%, 16 seats 5.08%, 5 seats
Seats won 14 4
Seat change Decrease 2 Decrease 1
Popular vote 472,866 228,159
Percentage 10.95% 5.28%
Swing Decrease0.72pp Increase0.20pp

1953 Austrian legislative election - Results.svg
Results of the election, showing seats won by constituency and nationwide. Constituencies are shaded according to the first-place party.

Chancellor before election

Leopold Figl

Elected Chancellor

Julius Raab


Socialist Party of Austria1,818,51742.1173+6
Austrian People's Party1,781,77741.2674–3
Electoral Party of Independents472,86610.9514–2
Austrian People's Opposition228,1595.284–1
Bipartisan Agreement of the Centre5,8090.130New
Christian Democratic Party3,6680.080New
Christian Social Party and Non-Party Personalities3,0290.070New
Free Democrats2,5730.060New
Association of Austrian Monarchists1,2100.030New
Austrian National Republicans and Independents1,0540.020New
Austrian Patriotic Party260.0000
Valid votes4,318,68898.25
Invalid/blank votes76,8311.75
Total votes4,395,519100.00
Registered voters/turnout4,586,87095.83
Source: Nohlen & Stöver[3]


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