1953 American Samoan legislative election

Legislative elections were held in American Samoa between 19 and 24 January 1953,[1] the first under universal suffrage.[2]

Background edit

In 1948 a bicameral Fono was created with a 12-member House of Ali'i and a 54-member House of Representatives. In 1952 the legislature was reorganised into a 15-member Senate and an 18-member House of Representatives.[3] The 18 members of the House of Representatives were elected by the secret ballot, while the 15 members of the Senate were chosen through open meetings,[1] one from each of the 15 counties.[1]

Of the estimated 7,300 eligible votes,[1] 4,675 people registered to vote.[4] Voters were required to have lived in their district for at least five years to register, with the voting age set at 18.[4] The campaign started on 5 January.[1] The Western Samoan government sent observers to monitor the elections.[2]

Results edit

3,770 voters cast votes in the election.[4] For the first time, women were elected, with Zilpher Jennings and Mabel Reid winning seats in the House of Representatives.[5] Twelve of the eighteen members of the House of Representatives were non-chiefs.[3]

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