1948–49 Copa México

The 1948–49 Copa México was the 33rd staging of the Copa México, the 6th staging in the professional era.

1948–49 Copa México
Tournament details
Final positions
ChampionsLeón (1st Title) (1st title)
Tournament statistics
Matches played14
Goals scored59 (4.21 per match)

The competition started on July 21, 1949, and concluded on August 14, 1949, with the final, in which Club León lifted the trophy for the first time ever with a 3–0 victory over Atlante and won the title of Campeonisimo for winning the league and the cup in the same season. This edition was played by 15 teams, in a knock-out stage, in a single match.

First round edit

Played between July 21 and July 24

Team 1  Score  Team 2
  Marte 2–4   Atlante
  Oro 5-3   Asturias
  Club España 4–1   América
  Atlas 3–0   Guadalajara
  Puebla 3–5   Veracruz
  Moctezuma 2–1   Orizaba
  San Sebastián 1-2   León

Bye:   Tampico

Quarterfinals edit

Played between July 28 and July 31

Team 1  Score  Team 2
  Atlante 2-1   Club España
  Atlas 2–1   Oro
  León 3–1 (AET)   Tampico
  Veracruz 2–0   Moctezuma

Semifinals edit

Played August 7

Team 1  Score  Team 2
  Atlante 3-2 (AET)   Veracruz
  Atlas 1–2   León

Final edit

Played August 15

Team 1  Score  Team 2
  Atlante 0–3   León
Copa México 1948-49 Winners
1st Title

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