1948–49 BAA season

The 1948–49 BAA season was the third and final season of the Basketball Association of America. (Later that year the BAA and National Basketball League merged to create the National Basketball Association or NBA.) The postseason tournament (the 1949 BAA Playoffs) at its conclusion, ended with the Minneapolis Lakers winning the BAA Championship, beating the Washington Capitols 4 games to 2 in the BAA Finals.

1948–49 BAA season
LeagueBasketball Association of America
DurationNovember 1, 1948 – March 20, 1949
March 22–April 2, 1949 (Playoffs)
April 4–13, 1949 (Finals)
Number of games60
Number of teams12
Top draft pickAndy Tonkovich
Picked byProvidence Steamrollers
Regular season
Top scorerGeorge Mikan (Minneapolis)
Eastern championsWashington Capitols
  Eastern runners-upNew York Knicks
Western championsMinneapolis Lakers
  Western runners-upRochester Royals
ChampionsMinneapolis Lakers
  Runners-upWashington Capitols
BAA/NBA seasons

The NBA recognizes the three BAA seasons as part of its own history, sometimes without comment,[1] so the 1948–49 BAA season is sometimes considered the third NBA season.

Notable occurrencesEdit

Four National Basketball League teams (Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Minneapolis and Rochester) joined the BAA for the 1948–49 season.

Coaching changes
Team 1947–48 coach 1948–49 coach
Boston Celtics Honey Russell Doggie Julian
Providence Steamrollers Nat Hickey Ken Loeffler
St. Louis Bombers Ken Loeffler Grady Lewis
Team Outgoing coach Incoming coach
Chicago Stags Harold Olsen Philip Brownstein

Final standingsEdit

Eastern DivisionEdit

Western DivisionEdit

Statistics leadersEdit

Category Player Team Stat
Points George Mikan Minneapolis Lakers 1,698
Assists Bob Davies Rochester Royals 321
FG% Arnie Risen Rochester Royals .423
FT% Bob Feerick Washington Capitols .859

Note: Prior to the 1969–70 season, league leaders in points and assists were determined by totals rather than averages.

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