1935 in British radio

This is a list of events from British radio in 1935.

List of years in British radio (table)
In television


  • 17 February – The Droitwich medium-wave transmitter begins service in England, broadcasting the Midland Regional Programme of the BBC on a frequency of 1013 kHz.
  • 8 August – The successful musical show The Air-do Wells appears in the evening schedule and is featured prominently in the Radio Times,[1] The show is produced by Max Kester, with Effie Atherton, accompanied by Jean Colin, Marjorie Stedeford, Brian Lawrence and Ronald Hill.
  • 9 August – The The Air-do Wells feature again prominently in the schedule and within the Radio Times for the 'listeners weekend' schedule.[2] The show results in Effie Atherton and her crew touring America with the same format and name of the show during 1936.
  • 10 December – The first broadcast commentary on a snooker match (Joe Davis v. Horace Lindrum) is given in the BBC Regional Programme.
  • The BBC establishes its first Gaelic department.,[3]



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