1932 Western Samoan general election

General elections were held in Western Samoa on 9 November 1932.[1]

Electoral systemEdit

In 1930 the constitution was amended to reduce the number of Europeans in the Legislative Council from three to two and to have two Samoans nominated.[2]

The two elected European members were elected from a single two-seat constituency, with only Europeans allowed to vote.[1] Voters were able to vote for two candidates.


Five candidates contested the two available seats. Brothers-in-law Irving Carruthers and Alan Cobcroft were both supported by the Chamber of Commerce and the Planters' Association, as well as many civil servants. The other three candidates all ran as independents, including sitting member Samuel Meredith.[1] Alexander W. Johnston, the other incumbent member, had died in June 1932 and his seat left vacant until the elections.[3]


Candidate Votes % Notes
Irving Carruthers 76 25.1 Elected
Alan Cobcroft 72 23.8 Elected
Robert Graham Bruce 69 22.8
Robert Carl Wekell 47 15.5
Samuel Meredith 39 12.9 Unseated
Total 303 100
Total ballots cast 157
Registered voters/turnout 172 91.3
Source: Pacific Islands Monthly[1]


The newly elected Council met for the first time on 23 March 1933.[4]


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