1931 International Society for Contemporary Music Festival

The 1931 International Society for Contemporary Music Festival was the ninth edition of the society's annual festival. It was held in London and Oxford from 23 to 28 July 1931 and consisted of six concerts featuring 29 compositions from thirteen countries, including one opera. Eleven works were broadcast by the BBC, bringing the festival to national attention.[1]

Aaron Copland was critical of the event, criticizing that the ISCM Festival had become a means "to consecrate the glory of established reputations and to call to the attention of an international public the music of certain newer composers" rather than supporting the most revolutionary musical tendencies.[2]


Date and location Composers Compositions
July 23
Sheldonian Theatre
Lev Knipper
Roger Sessions
Józef Koffler
Jean Huré
Egon Wellesz
Jan Maklakiewicz
Ernesto Halffter
Little Lyric Suite
Piano Sonata No. 1
String Trio
Ame en peine
Three spiritual chorals
Japanese Songs
July 24
New Theatre
Ralph Vaughan Williams
Erwin Schulhoff
Constant Lambert
Job: A Masque for Dancing
La Sonnambule
July 25
Holywell Music Room
Paul Hindemith
Wir bauen eine Stadt
July 25
Sheldonian Theatre
Marcel Delannoy
Otto Jokl
Jean Cartan
Eugene Aynsley Goossens
Mario Pilati
String Quartet
Piano Sonatina
Sonatina for Flute and Clarinet
Violin Sonata No. 2
Piano Quintet
July 27
Queen's Hall
Roman Palester
Anton Webern
Virgilio Mortari
Vladimir Dukelsky
Constant Lambert
George Gershwin
Symphonic Music
Symphony No. 2
Music for orchestra
An American in Paris
July 28
Queen's Hall
Juan José Castro
Fernand Quinet
Karol Szymanowski
Ferenc Szabó
Ralph Vaughan Williams
Wladimir Vogel
Albert Roussel
Tres trozos sinfónicos
Three Symphonic Movements
Kurpie Songs
Song of the Wolves
Two Studies for orchestra
Psalm 80