1930 Emperor's Cup final

1930 Emperor's Cup Final was the tenth final of the Emperor's Cup competition. The final was played at Koshien South Ground in Hyōgo on February 11, 1930. Kwangaku Club won the championship.[1]

1930 Emperor's Cup Final
DateFebruary 11, 1930
VenueKoshien South Ground, Hyōgo

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Defending champion Kwangaku Club won their 2nd title, by defeating Keio BRB 3–0. Kwangaku Club won the title for 2 years in a row. Kwangaku Club was featured a squad consisting of Yukio Goto, Hideo Sakai and Shoichi Nishimura.

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Kwangaku Club3–0Keio BRB
?   ?'
?   ?'
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