1929 UCI Road World Championships

The 1929 UCI Road World Championships, organized on Friday 16 August 1929, was the ninth edition of the UCI Road World Championships.[1][2]

1929 UCI Road World Championships
Zürich is located in Switzerland
VenueZürich, Switzerland Switzerland
Date(s) (1929-08-16)16 August 1929
Coordinates47°22′28″N 08°32′28″E / 47.37444°N 8.54111°E / 47.37444; 8.54111

It was the second time the championships took place in Zürich, Switzerland after the 1923 edition.[3]

The course, with Zürich as both start and finish place, was around 200km.[4] All 16 professional cyclists finished, with Georges Ronsse -succeeding himself as world champion- reaching an average speed of 29.405 km/h.[5]

In the same period, the 1929 UCI Track Cycling World Championships was organized in the Oerlikon Velodrome in Zürich.

Events summary

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's Events
Professional Road Race
Georges Ronsse
6h 48' 05" Nicolas Frantz
s.t. Alfredo Binda
Amateur Road Race Piero Bertolazzo
- Remo Bertoni
- René Brossy

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