1928 Victorian Legislative Council election

Elections were held in the Australian state of Victoria on Saturday 2 June 1928 to elect 17 of the 34 members of the state's Legislative Council. MLCs were elected using preferential voting.


Legislative CouncilEdit

Victorian Legislative Council election, 2 June 1928[1]
Legislative Council
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Enrolled voters 444,278
Votes cast 85,372 Turnout 19.2 +5.2
Informal votes 1,338 Informal 1.6 +0.1
Summary of votes by party
Party Primary votes % Swing Seats
  Nationalist 45,644 54.3 +2.3 11 22
  Country 17,699 21.1 −1.4 2 5
  Country Progressive 7,438 8.9 +8.9 1 1
  Labor 3,438 4.1 –3.4 3 6
  Other 9,815 11.6 −5.4 0 0
Total 84,034     17 34

Retiring MembersEdit

Joseph Sternberg MLC (Nationalist, Bendigo) had resigned some months prior to the election, but no by-election had been held.


Country ProgressiveEdit


Sitting members are shown in bold text. Successful candidates are highlighted in the relevant colour. Where there is possible confusion, an asterisk (*) is also used.

Province Held by Labor candidates Nationalist candidates Country candidates Other candidates
Bendigo Nationalist George Lansell James Curnow (Ind)
Alfred Wallis (Ind)
East Yarra Nationalist Robert Menzies
George Swinburne*
Gippsland Nationalist Martin McGregor Thomas Anderson
Melbourne Nationalist Herbert Smith
Melbourne East Labor John Jones
Melbourne North Labor Esmond Kiernan
Melbourne South Nationalist Hector Bell Norman Falkiner*
Frederick Hughes
Edgar Morton
Edward Reynolds
Melbourne West Labor Robert Williams
Nelson Nationalist Alan Currie
Northern Country Richard Abbott
Robert Gordon
Richard Kilpatrick*
North Eastern Country John Harris Albert Heaney (CPP)
North Western Country Robert Elliott William McCann (CPP)
Southern Nationalist William Angliss William Macleod (Ind)
South Eastern Nationalist William Tyner*
Harold Wilkinson
South Western Nationalist Horace Richardson*
Julius Solomon
Wellington Nationalist Frederick Brawn
Western Nationalist Marcus Saltau

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