1922 Latvian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Latvia on 7 and 8 October 1922.[1] The Latvian Social Democratic Workers' Party remained the largest party, winning 30 of the 100 seats.[2]

Electoral systemEdit

For the elections the country was divided into five constituencies, electing a total of 97 MPs using proportional representation. The three remaining seats were awarded to the parties with the highest vote totals that had failed to win a seat in any of the five constituencies.[3]

The list system used was made flexible, as voters were able to cross out candidates' names and replace them with names from other lists.[3] However, only 19.97% of voters made any changes to the lists.[3] To register a list for the election parties needed only collect 100 signatures.[4] A total of 88 lists registered, but only 43 contested the election.[4] There was no voter roll, but instead passports were used to identify voters.[3]


Latvian Social Democratic Workers' Party241,94730.5630–27
Latvian Farmers' Union132,76416.7717–9
Democratic Centre57,4387.266New
Union of Social Democrats – Mensheviks and Rural Workers49,5956.267New
Latgalian Christian Peasant and Catholic Party47,2025.9660
Committee of the German Baltic Parties42,0885.3260
Christian National Union33,0434.174New
Non-Partisan National Centre29,4573.724New
Latgalian Farmer-Labour Party27,6973.504New
Jewish National Bloc16,6312.102New
New Farmers' Union15,3921.943New
United List of Russians14,2291.802New
United Polish Parties12,4731.5810
Latvian Old Believers' Central Committee12,3181.561New
Agudas Israel11,4291.442New
Latgalian Farmers Party8,5221.081–16
List of Lithuanians and Catholics8,4901.071+1
Latgalian People's Party6,7710.861New
Zionist Party5,1560.6510
Fishermens' Union4,0080.510New
Land Workers' Association2,6670.340New
Latgalian Workers' Association1,9180.240New
Belarusian List1,5480.200New
Independent Russian Association1,4790.190New
War Invalids' List1,2300.160New
Independent Colonel Jansons1,1810.150New
Estonian Group1,0630.130New
Abstainers' List1,0310.130New
Latgalian Villagers4670.060New
Jewish People's Party470.010New
Valid votes791,69098.86
Invalid/blank votes9,1681.14
Total votes800,858100.00
Registered voters/turnout963,25783.14
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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