1920 Latvian Constitutional Assembly election

Constitutional Assembly elections were held in Latvia on 17 and 18 April 1920.[1] The Latvian Social Democratic Workers' Party emerged as the largest party in the Constitutional Assembly, winning 57 of the 150 seats.[2] The elections were boycotted by communist parties.[3] The Constitutional Assembly was responsible for drafting a constitution, which was approved on 15 February and promulgated on 7 November 1922.[3]


Latvian Social Democratic Workers' Party274,87738.6757
Latvian Farmers' Union126,43417.7926
Latgalian Farmers Party72,96110.2617
Committee of the German Baltic Parties32,2564.546
Democrats Union29,6624.176
Workers' Party28,1173.966
Latgalian Christian Peasant and Catholic Party26,5343.736
Group of Non-Partisan Citizens23,8673.366
Christian National Union16,2182.283
Agrarian Union of the Landless14,0781.983
Russian Citizens Groups13,6511.924
Jewish Bloc12,7641.805
Non-Partisan Landless Farmers11,1801.572
Zionist Party8,2541.161
Latgale People Party6,5390.921
United Polish Parties5,5250.781
List of Lithuanians and Catholics2,0380.290
Working Group of Landless Farmers and Workers1,5880.220
List of Soldier Candidates1,4970.210
Latgalian Folk United Non-Partisan Group1,0260.140
List of Revolutionaries and Socialists7240.100
Women's Union4360.060
Jews of Ludza1520.020
Working Group of Jēkabmiests Village870.010
Valid votes709,00499.73
Invalid/blank votes1,9300.27
Total votes710,934100.00
Registered voters/turnout797,66289.13
Source: Nohlen & Stöver[a]
  1. ^ The reported number of valid votes was 1,885 less than the total number of votes received by contesting parties.[2]


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