1920–21 National Challenge Cup

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The 1920–21 National Challenge Cup was the annual open cup held by the United States Football Association now known as the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup.


On September 25, 1920, the National Challenge Cup held a drawing for the first round of the 1921 National Challenge Cup. The drawing paired eighty-five entrants, down from 99 the previous year being due to the fact the entrance fee had been raised from $5 to $10.[1] The cup a single elimination format consisting of six rounds and a single game final. The entrants were dividing into an eastern and a western division which led to a final pitting St. Louis Scullin Steel F.C. from the west and Brooklyn Robins Dry Dock from the east.

First roundEdit

Eastern DivisionEdit

Northern Massachusetts DistrictEdit

Byes: Maple Leaf F.C.; Gray & Davis F.C.

30 October 1920 Replay due to General Electric rules violations Fore River F.C. 5-0 General Electric F.C.

Southern New England DistrictEdit

Byes: Young Thornton F.C.; Potter & Johnson F.C.; Colonial F.C.; Greystone F.C.; Fairlawn Rovers

Connecticut DistrictEdit

Byes: Stamford F.C.; Ansonia F.C.; Columbia Gramophone Co.

Southern New York DistrictEdit

Byes: Clan MacDuff F.C.; Brooklyn F.C.; Robins Dry Dock F.C.

New Jersey DistrictEdit

Byes: Cedar Cliff F.C.

Eastern Pennsylvania DistrictEdit

Western DivisionEdit

Michigan DistrictEdit

Byes: I.F.L. F.C.; One and All F.C.; Walkerville F.C.; Magyar A.A.F.C.; Caledonia F.C.; Roses F.C.; Ulster F.C.

Ohio DistrictEdit

Byes: Cleveland Greyhounds F.C.; White Motor Co. F.C.; Goodyear F.C.

Northwestern New York DistrictEdit

Byes: Oneida Community Co. F.C.; McNaughton Rangers F.C.; Rochester City Moose F.C.; Rochester Celtic F.C.; Camera Works F.C.; Kodak Park F.C.

Western Pennsylvania DistrictEdit

Bye: Madison F.C.

Missouri DistrictEdit

Byes: Ben Miller F.C.; St. Louis Screw F.C.; Scullin Steel F.C.; Innisfail F.C.

Wisconsin DistrictEdit

Bye: Simco F.C.

Illinois DistrictEdit

Byes: Thistles F.C.; Bricklayers F.C.; Harvey F.C.; Swedish American A.A.; Pullman F.C.; Rangers A.C.; Norwegian American A.A.


Home teams listed on top of bracket

Third Round
Nov 25-Dec 12
Fourth Round
Dec 12-26
Dec 23-Mar 6
March 13,27
April 19
NY Robins Dry Dock 3
CT Columbia Graphophone 0
NY Robins Dry Dock 1-5*
NJ Erie A.A. 1-3
NJ Erie A.A. 3
NJ Kearny Federal Ship 1
NY Robins Dry Dock 3
MA Fore River 0
MA Fore River 3
MA Gray & Davis 0
MA Fore River 3
MA Fall River Rovers 1
MA Fall River Rovers 4
MA St. Michael's F.C. 0
MA Robins Dry Dock 3
NY Tebo Yacht Basin F.C. 0
RI Fairlawn Rovers 1
RI Potter & Johnson 0
RI Fairlawn Rovers 3
MA Lynn GE 1
MA Lynn GE 3
MA Boston City 1
RI Fairlawn Rovers 1
NY Tebo Yacht Basin F.C. 3
NY Tebo Yacht Basin F.C. 8
CT Ansonia F.C. 2
NY Tebo Yacht Basin F.C. 2
PA Dobson F.C. 1
PA Dobson F.C. 2
NJ Paterson 1
NY Robins Dry Dock 4
MO Scullin Steel 2
MI Pontiac City 2
MI Caledonia F.C. 3
MI Caledonia F.C. 2
MI Roses F.C. 1
MI Roses F.C. 3
Ulster F.C. 0
MI Caledonia F.C. 2
OH Goodrich F.C. 1
OH Goodrich F.C. 2
OH Goodyear F.C. 1
OH Goodrich F.C. w/o
NY Kodak Park F.C.
NY Kodak Park F.C. 4
NY McNaughton Rangers 0
MO Scullin Steel 2
MI Caledonia F.C. 1
MO Scullin Steel 4
MO Innisfails 3
MO Scullin Steel 3
PA Madison S.C. 0
PA Madison S.C. 3
NY Moose A.F.C. 1
MO Scullin Steel 1-2-2*
IL Bricklayers and Masons 1-1-0
IL Harvey F.C. 2
Thistles F.C. 1
IL Harvey F.C. 1-0
IL Bricklayers and Masons 1-5
IL Bricklayers and Masons 2
WI Simco F.C. 0

(*): replay after tied match
w/o: walkover/forfeit victory awarded


Robins Dry Dock (NY)4–2Scullin Steel (MO)
McGuire   16'
Hosie   29' (Ratican)
Sweeney   64'
McKelvey   (Sweeney)
Report[2] Bechtold   15' (Nolan)19'
Attendance: 8,000
Referee: James E. Schofield, Bristol, Connecticut (USA)


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