1921–22 National Challenge Cup

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The 1921–22 National Challenge Cup was the annual open cup held by the United States Football Association now known as the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup.


The competition began with 118 teams separated into an eastern and western division, eventually narrowing to St. Louis Scullin Steel F.C. of the St. Louis Soccer League (SLSL) and Todd Shipyards of the American Soccer League. The title game was originally scheduled to take place at Federal Field in St. Louis, Missouri, the SLSL's main stadium. However, in May 1922, the USFA directed a change in venue after the fees to be charged by the field became exorbitant. After an extensive search, USFA settled on High School Field in St. Louis.[1] On March 19, 1922, Scullin Steel defeated Todd Shipyards to become the second St. Louis team to win the trophy.


Home teams listed on top of bracket

Third Round
Nov 24-Dec 18
Fourth Round
Dec 24-Jan 7
Jan 1-Feb 12
February 25
March 19
MI Caledonia F.C. 1
IL Gillespie 1
MI Caledonia F.C. 1
MI Industrial 0
MI Roses F.C. 1-1
MI Industrial F.C. 1-2
MI Caledonia F.C. 3
PA Arden F.C. 2
PA Arden F.C. 3
PA Dunlevy 0
PA Arden F.C. 2
OH White Automobile 0
OH White Automobile 0-1
OH Magyar-American 0-0
MO Scullin Steel 4
MI Caledonia F.C. 0
MO Scullin Steel 2
IL Johnston City 0
MO Scullin Steel 3
MO Ben Millers 0
MO Ben Millers 3
MO Paulians 1
MO Scullin Steel 3
IL Pullman F.C. 0
IL Pullman F.C. 2
IL Rangers F.C. 0
IL Pullman F.C. 3
WI Simco F.C. 2
WI Simco F.C. 4
IL Bricklayers and Masons 2
MO Scullin Steel 3
NY Todd Shipyard 2
NY Todd Shipyard 5
NY New York Field Club 3
PA Philadelphia Field Club 1
NY Todd Shipyard 4
PA Philadelphia Field Club 5
PA Fleisher Yarn 0
NJ Harrison S.C. 0
NY Todd Shipyard 1
NY Viking F.C. 4
NY Moose F.C. 3
NY Viking F.C. 2
NJ Harrison S.C. 6
NJ Harrison S.C. 5
NJ Antler F.C. 0
NY Todd Shipyard 2
MA Abbot Worsted 1
MA Fall River United 1
RI J&P Coats 2
RI J&P Coats 3
MA Holyoke Falcos 4
MA Holyoke Falcos 5
CT St. George F.C. 2
MA Abbot Worsted 3
MA Holyoke Falcos 1
MA Gray & Davis 0
MA Abbot Worsted 2
MA Abbot Worsted 1-2
RI Fairlawn Rovers 1-0
RI Fairlawn Rovers 1
RI Sayles Finishing Plant 0

w/o: walkover/forfeit victory awarded


Scullin Steel (MO)3–2Todd Shipyards (NY)
Brady   37'
Schwartz   71'???'
Report[2] McGuire   ???'???'
High School Field, St. Louis, Missouri
Attendance: 8,568
Referee: George Young (USA)

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