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1915 South Carolina's 4th congressional district special election

The 1915 South Carolina 4th congressional district special election was held on September 14, 1915, to select a Representative for the 4th congressional district to serve out the remainder of the term for the 64th Congress. The special election resulted from the resignation of Representative Joseph T. Johnson on April 19, 1915. Samuel J. Nicholls, a former state Representative from Spartanburg, won the Democratic primary and was unopposed in the general election.

Democratic primaryEdit

The South Carolina Democratic Party held their primary in the summer of 1915. Six candidates entered the race and among those who sought the seat was future Governor of South Carolina, Ibra Charles Blackwood. Samuel J. Nicholls emerged atop the first primary election on August 10 and won the runoff election against B.A. Morgan on August 24. There was no opposition to the Democratic candidate in the general election so Nicholls was elected to serve out the remainder of the term.

Democratic Primary
Candidate Votes %
Samuel J. Nicholls 5,052 33.4
B.A. Morgan 3,522 23.3
J.H. Miller 2,762 18.2
Ibra Charles Blackwood 1,831 12.1
W.E. Johnson 1,817 12.0
Robert J. Gantt 151 1.0
Democratic Primary Runoff
Candidate Votes % ±%
Samuel J. Nicholls 9,494 51.6 +18.2
B.A. Morgan 8,919 48.4 +25.1

General election resultsEdit

South Carolina's 4th Congressional District Special Election Results, 1915
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic Samuel J. Nicholls 9,351 100.0 +0.5
Majority 9,351 100.0 +0.8
Turnout 9,351
Democratic hold

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