1913 in Croatia

Events from the year 1913 in Croatia.

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  • July 21 – Slavko Cuvaj relieved from the post of the Royal Commissioner for Croatia-Slovenia. He had been appointed in January 1912, when anti-Habsburg sentiments were on the rise in Croatia, often manifesting in sympathies for Serbia and calls for creation of Yugoslavia. Cuvaj tried to curb those trends by a series of decrees directed at curbing press freedom, limiting rights of assembly and local autonomy. This created a backlash in the form of strikes and demonstrations, and Cuvaj himself was target of two assassination attempts in 1912.
  • November 27 – Iván Skerlecz proclaimed Ban and called for parliamentary elections.
  • December 16–17 – Parliamentary elections are held in the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia. The Croat-Serb Coalition wins with 39.09% of the vote.

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