1913 Copa de Honor Cousenier

The 1913 Copa de Honor Cousenier was the final match to decide the winner of the Copa de Honor Cousenier, the 9th. edition of the international competition organised by the Argentine and Uruguayan Associations together. The final was contested by Uruguayan Club Nacional de Football and Argentine Racing Club de Avellaneda.[1]

1913 Copa de Honor Cousenier
Gran Parque Central 1900.jpg
Parque Central, venue of both matches
EventCopa de Honor Cousenier
DateNovember 16, 1913
VenueParque Central, Montevideo
RefereeH. Gondra
EventCopa de Honor Cousenier
DateDecember 8, 1913
VenueParque Central, Montevideo
RefereeH. Gondra

The match was held in the Estadio Gran Parque Central in Montevideo, on November 16, 1913. As the match ended in a 2–2 tie, both association scheduled a playoff for December 8 in the same venue, where Racing beat Nacional 3–2, winning its first and only Copa Cousenier trophy.[2][3]

Qualified teamsEdit

Team Qualification Previous final app.
  Nacional 1913 Copa Honor (U) champion [4] 1905, 1906
  Racing Club 1913 Copa Honor MCBA champion 1912
  • Bold indicates winning years

Match detailsEdit


Nacional  1–1 (a.e.t.)  Racing Club
Vallarino   Report Hospital  
Referee: Hugo Gondra (Argentina)


Nacional  2–3 (a.e.t.)  Racing Club
Gorla   65'
Beheregaray   89'
Report Marcovecchio   23'130'
Hospital   24'
Attendance: Hugo Gondra (Argentina)


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