1911 Montenegrin parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Montenegro on 27 September 1911.[2]

1911 Montenegrin legislative election

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  First party
  Lazar Mijuškovic 1916.jpg
Leader Lazar Mijušković
Party TPP + aligned Independents
Seats won
53 / 62

  Third party
Party Independents
Seats won
9 / 62

Prime Minister before election

Lazar Tomanović

Subsequent Prime Minister

Lazar Tomanović


These were the first parliamentary elections in Montenegro after the state was declared the Kingdom in 1910. Although the True People's Party was the only legal political organization in the country, a group of members of the banned opposition People's Party ran as independent candidates.


The elections resulted in the re-election of Prime Minister Lazar Tomanović and True People's Party government, which was unconditionally loyal to Nicholas I.[3][4] Tomanović's government was returned to office with a large majority.[2]


Parliament of Montenegro reconvened on 31 October.[2] However, when the President of the Parliament was elected on 11 December, the government candidate was defeated, leading to the government resigning.[5]


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