1907 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships

The 3rd Artistic Gymnastics World Championships were held in Prague, Bohemia, in conjunction with the 5th Czech Sokol Slet on 30 June 1907.[1][2][3][4]

1907 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships
LocationKingdom of Bohemia Prague, Bohemia
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A historic signpost in the sometimes contentious politics of the sport occurred with respect to these championships. In a 100-year Anniversary Publication of the International Federation of Gymnastics, a past observation of Dr. Miroslav Klinger, an honorary member of the FIG, was noted with regards to a German magazine article. In that FIG publication, it is written that an article in a 1907 issue of the German publication Deutsche Turnzeitung "dissuaded the non-slavic nations from participating in the international competition in Prague, by saying the competitors could be threatened by violence. The goal of the article was to pressure the president of the European Federation into the renunciation of the Prague event. Nevertheless, the German Federation sent observers to Prague."[1]


1  Bohemia (BOH)4138
2  France (FRA)2327
3  Belgium (BEL)0011
Totals (3 entries)64616

Official FIG documents credit medals earned by athletes from Bohemia as medals for Czechoslovakia.[4]

All RoundEdit

Rank Athlete Total
1.   Josef Cada 167.250
2.   Jules Rolland 158.750
3.   Frantisek Erben 157.250

Team CompetitionEdit

Rank Team Total
1.   Bohemia 951.250
2.   France 923.000
3.   Belgium 827.250

High BarEdit

Ranlk Athlete Total
1.   Georges Charmoilles 23.750
1.   Frantisek Erben 23.750
3.   Jules Rolland 23.500

Parallel barsEdit

Rank Athlete Total
1.   Joseph Lux 21.750
2.   Josef Cada 20.750
3.   Louis Ségura 20.500
3.   Frantisek Erben 20.500

Pommel HorseEdit

Rank Athlete Total
1.   Frantisek Erben 22.250
2.   Jules Rolland 21.000
3.   Karel Sal 20.750


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