1902 Copa de la Coronación

The 1902 Copa de la Coronación was a football competition in honour of the coronation of Alfonso XIII of Spain. The Royal Spanish Football Federation does not recognize it as the first season of the Copa del Rey, which began the following year.[1]

1902 Copa de la Coronación
Copa de la coronacion.jpg
The trophy on display in the Athletic Bilbao museum
Runners-upFC Barcelona
Matches played5
Goals scored27 (5.4 per match)
Top goal scorer(s)England Walter Evans
England William Dyer
(5 goals each)

The competition was thought up after Carlos Padrós, later president of Madrid FC, suggested a football competition to celebrate the coronation of Alfonso XIII. Four other teams joined Madrid for the first competition: FC Barcelona, Club Español de Foot-Ball, Bizcaya (a combination of Athletic Club and Bilbao Football Club) and New Foot-Ball Club. The competition featured the first recorded game between Barcelona and Madrid FC, with the former emerging as 3–1 winners, courtesy of goals from Udo Steinberg and Joan Gamper.

Carlos Padrós was also the referee of the final, held at the Hipódromo in Madrid, in which Bizcaya lifted the trophy after beating Barcelona 2–1.[2]


Bizcaya5–1Club Español
Juan Astorquia  
Walter Evans      
William Dyer   -' (pen.)
Report Ángel Ponz  






Note: Some sources list Udo Steinberg as the goalscorer of Barcelona's consolation goal.[6]

Copa de la Coronación 1902 Winners
1st Title

Consolation Trophy / Copa de la Gran PeñaEdit

Originally, this was to feature the four clubs aside from Copa de la Coronación winners Bizcaya in a knockout tournament.

However, New Foot-Ball Club had returned home after their crushing defeat to Bizaya in the Copa de la Coronación, while FC Barcelona were forced to withdraw as their players had to return to their occupations, leaving them unable to field a team.

Therefore, the Gran Peña Cup was played as a single match between Madrid FC and Club Español.[2]

Madrid FC3–2Club Español
Referee: ?



Rank Player Team Goals
1   Walter Evans   Bizcaya 5
  William Dyer
2   Juan Astorquia 3
3   Armand Cazeaux 2
  Udo Steinberg   Barcelona FC


The Copa de la Coronación was the first national football tournament played in Spain, being organized as a punctual commemorative celebration. However, its success led to the organization of the first edition of the Copa del Rey the following year, then known as the Spanish Championship. Since then, it has been held on an annual basis. Due to this fact, the Copa de la Coronación is generally considered informally as the first edition of the Copa del Rey, although the Royal Spanish Football Federation does not recognize it as such.[7]


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