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Kingdom of ItalyEdit


The killing of King Umberto I of Italy in Monza on July 29, 1900

The parliamentary year is dominated by an obstructionist campaign against the coercive Public Safety Bill introduced Prime Minister Luigi Pelloux the year before.[1]



  • March 29 – Uproar in the Italian Chamber of Deputies on procedural machinations by the Chamber's president to pass the controversial Public Security Bill. The Constitutional Opposition of Giuseppe Zanardelli joins the Extreme Left (Socialists, Republicans and Radicals).[1][3] The next day the Extreme Left disrupts the session and the Chamber is adjourned.[4]


  • April 3 – When the rightwing majority again tries to impose new procedures to curb debates on the new controversial Public Security Bill, 160 opposition deputies led by Giuseppe Zanardelli walk out the Chamber of Deputies, resulting in parliamentary deadlock. Parliament is adjourned until May 15.[5][6]
  • April 22 – First issue of L'Ora (The Hour), a Sicilian daily newspaper in Palermo, founded by the entrepreneurial Florio family.


  • May 15 – The Italian Chamber of Deputies reassemble after an interval of several weeks since the adjournment that was occasioned by the obstruction of the members of the Extreme Left. Amidst continuous uproar the session is adjourned.[7] Due to the continuous obstruction of his new coercive Public Safety Bill by the Socialist Party of Italy (PSI), supported by the Left and Extreme Left, Prime Minister Luigi Pelloux dissolves the Chamber of Deputies.




  • November 8 – Prime Minister Giuseppe Saracco signs the decree establishing the Saredo Inquiry, officially known as the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Naples (Reale Commissione d’Inchiesta per Napoli), presided by senator Giuseppe Saredo, tasked with investigating corruption and bad governance of the city of Naples and to investigate how huge amounts of money that had been poured into Naples after the cholera epidemic of 1884 had vanished without noticeable benefit for the city's poor.[12]





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