18th General Assembly of Prince Edward Island

The 18th General Assembly of Prince Edward Island represented the colony of Prince Edward Island between March 5, 1850, and 1854.

The Assembly sat at the pleasure of the Governor of Prince Edward Island, Donald Campbell. Alexander Rae was elected speaker.

Responsible government was granted to the island in 1851 and George Coles became the first Premier.



The members of the Prince Edward Island Legislature after the general election of 1850 were:

Riding Name
1st Prince James Warburton
James Yeo
2nd Prince Alexander Rae
Allan Fraser
3rd Prince William Lord
Joseph Pope
1st Queens George Coles
Alexander Laird
2nd Queens Robert Mooney
Neil McNeill
3rd Queens Benjamin Davies
William Douse
1st Kings Daniel Flynn
Donald Beaton
2nd Kings John Jardine
Edward Whelan
3rd Kings Edward Thornton
John LaLacheur
Charlottetown Edward Palmer
Francis Longworth
Georgetown Thomas Heath Haviland
James Macdonald
Princetown William E. Clark
Donald Montgomery