Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island

The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island is the presiding officer of the provincial legislature.

The current Speaker is Darlene Compton.

Past speakers have included Wilbur MacDonald, Greg Deighan and Nancy Guptill.

List of speakers edit

Speakers of the Colony of the Island of Saint John/Prince Edward Island edit

Speakers since Confederation edit

Electoral district
Term of office Party General Assembly
Cornelius Howatt
MLA for 4th Prince
1874–1876 Conservative 26th
Henry Beer
MLA for 3rd Queens
1877–1879 Liberal 27th
John Alexander Macdonald
MLA for 3rd Prince
1879–1889 Conservative 28th
Patrick Blake
MLA for 5th Queens
1890–1891 Conservative 31st
Bernard Donald McLellan
MLA for 1st Prince
1891–1893 Liberal
James Cummiskey
Councillor for 3rd Queens
1894–1900 Liberal 32nd
Samuel E. Reid
Assemblyman for 4th Prince
1901–1904 Liberal 34th
Albert E. Douglas
Assemblyman for 2nd Queens
1905–1908 Liberal 35th
Matthew Smith
Assemblyman for 1st Queens
1908–1909 Liberal 36th
John Agnew
Councillor for 1st Prince
1909–1911 Liberal
J. Edward Wyatt
Councillor for 5th Prince
1912–1915 Conservative 37th
John S. Martin
Assemblyman for 4th Queens
1916–1917 Conservative 38th
Albert Prowse
Assemblyman for 4th Kings
1918–1919 Conservative
Charles Gavan Duffy
Councillor for 5th Queens
1920–1923 Liberal 39th
Louis Jenkins
Councillor for 2nd Queens
1924–1927 Conservative 40th
David McDonald
Councillor for 3rd Queens
1928–1931 Liberal 41st
W. F. Alan Stewart
Councillor for 1st Queens
1931 Liberal
Augustine A. MacDonald
Assemblyman for 1st Kings
1932–1934 Conservative 42nd
Heath Strong
Assemblyman for 4th Prince
1934–1935 Conservative
Stephen Hessian
Councillor for 3rd Kings
1935–1939 Liberal 43rd
W. F. Alan Stewart
Councillor for 1st Queens
1940–1944 Liberal 44th
Thomas R. Cullen
Councillor for 2nd Kings
1944–1947 Liberal 45th
Eugene Cullen
Councillor for 3rd Queens
1948–1949 Liberal 46th
Forrest Phillips
Councillor for 2nd Prince
1949–1955 Liberal
Augustin Gallant
Assemblyman for 3rd Prince
1955–1959 Liberal 48th
Edward P. Foley
Assemblyman for 5th Prince
1959 Liberal
John R. McLean
Assemblyman for 1st Kings
1960–1964 Progressive Conservative 49th
Frank Myers
Assemblyman for 1st Queens
1965–1966 Progressive Conservative
Prosper Arsenault
Assemblyman for 1st Prince
1966–1970 Liberal 51st
Cecil A. Miller
Assemblyman for 3rd Queens
1970–1978 Liberal 52nd
Russell Perry
Assemblyman for 1st Prince
1978 Liberal 54th
Daniel Compton
Councillor for 4th Queens
1979–1983 Progressive Conservative 55th
Marion Reid
Assemblyman for 1st Queens
1983–1986 Progressive Conservative 56th
Edward Clark
Councillor for 3rd Prince
(born 1932)
1986–1993 Liberal 57th
Nancy Guptill
Councillor for 5th Prince
1993–1996 Liberal 59th
Wilbur MacDonald
MLA for Belfast-Pownal Bay
1997–2000 Progressive Conservative 60th
Mildred Dover
MLA for Tracadie-Fort Augustus
(born 1941)
2000–2003 Progressive Conservative 61st
Gregory Deighan
MLA for Wilmot-Summerside
(born 1939)
2003–2007 Progressive Conservative 62nd
Kathleen Casey
MLA for Charlottetown-Lewis Point
(born 1961)
2007–2011 Liberal 63rd
Carolyn Bertram
MLA for Rustico-Emerald
(born 1976)
2011–2015 Liberal 64th
Buck Watts
MLA for Tracadie-Hillsborough Park
(born 1944)
2015–2019 Liberal 65th
Colin LaVie[2][3]
MLA for Souris-Elmira
(born 1962)
2019–2023 Progressive Conservative 66th
Darlene Compton
MLA for Belfast-Murray River
(born 1961)
Since 2023 Progressive Conservative 67th

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