1883 New York state election

The 1883 New York state election was held on November 6, 1883, to elect the Secretary of State, the State Comptroller, the Attorney General, the State Treasurer and the State Engineer, as well as all members of the New York State Assembly and the New York State Senate. Besides, a constitutional amendment to abolish contract labor from the state prisons was proposed and accepted with 498,402 votes for and 269,377 against.


The Greenback-Labor state convention met on September 5, and nominated Thomas K. Beecher for Secretary of State, Louis A. Post for Attorney General, Gaius L. Halsey for Comptroller, Jurian Winne for Treasurer and Edwin A. Stillman for State Engineer.

The Republican state convention met on September 19 at Richfield Springs, New York. Elbridge G. Lapham was Temporary Chairman until the choice of Warner Miller as President. The incumbents, Secretary of State Joseph B. Carr, Comptroller Ira Davenport, State Engineer Silas Seymour and Attorney General Leslie W. Russell, were re-nominated by acclamation. Pliny T. Sexton was nominated for Treasurer on the first ballot (vote: Sexton 260, Ethan Allen 215).[1]

The Prohibition state convention met on September 26 at Syracuse, New York, and nominated Frederick Gates for Secretary of State, Stephen Merritt for Comptroller, James Baldwin for Treasurer, George A. Dudley for State Engineer and Virgil A. Willard for Attorney General.

The Democratic state convention met on September 27 at Buffalo, New York.


The incumbents Carr and Maxwell were re-elected. The incumbents Davenport, Russell and Seymour were defeated.

1883 state election results
Office Democratic ticket Republican ticket Prohibition ticket Greenback ticket
Secretary of State Isaac H. Maynard 427,525 Joseph B. Carr 446,108 Frederick Gates[2] 18,816 Thomas K. Beecher[3] 7,221
Comptroller Alfred C. Chapin 445,975 Ira Davenport 429,873 Stephen Merritt[4] 18,311 Gaius L. Halsey 7,629
Attorney General Denis O'Brien 443,824 Leslie W. Russell 430,058 Virgil A. Willard[5] 19,571 Louis F. Post 7,217
Treasurer Robert A. Maxwell 446,618 Pliny T. Sexton[6] 428,923 James Baldwin 19,971 Jurian Winne[7] 7,239
State Engineer Elnathan Sweet 447,198 Silas Seymour 428,327 George A. Dudley[8] 19,692 Edwin A. Stillman[9] 6,664


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  5. ^ Virgil A. Willard, ran also for the Court of Appeals in 1884
  6. ^ Pliny T. Sexton (b. ca. 1840), lawyer, of Palmyra, Wayne County, graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Poughkeepsie Law School, President of the First National Bank of Palmyra
  7. ^ Jurian Winne, ran also in 1879
  8. ^ George A. Dudley, of Ellenville, ran also in 1875 and 1885
  9. ^ Edwin A. Stillman, of Canadice, ran also in 1885 and 1887


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