1877–78 Home Nations rugby union matches

The 1877-78 Home Nations rugby union matches are a series of international friendlies held between the England, Ireland and Scotland national rugby union teams.


4 March 1878
England   0 – 0   Scotland
11 March 1878
Ireland   0 - 2   England

Scoring systemEdit

The matches for this season were decided on goals scored. A goal was awarded for a successful conversion after a try, for a dropped goal or for a goal from mark. If a game was drawn, any unconverted tries were tallied to give a winner. If there was still no clear winner, the match was declared a draw.

The matchesEdit

England vs. ScotlandEdit

4 March 1878
  England nil - nil   Scotland

England: HE Kayll, AW Pearson, A.N. Hornby, L Stokes, WAD Evanson, PLA Price, Edward Kewley capt., FR Adams, FD Fowler, Murray Marshall, JM Biggs, GF Vernon, GT Thomson, Edward Temple Gurdon, H Fowler

Scotland: Bill Maclagan, Malcolm Cross, Ninian Finlay, John Alexander Neilson, James Campbell, Stewart Henry Smith, DR Irvine, G Macleod, Louis Auldjo, RW Irvine capt., AG Petrie, JHS Graham, Henry Melville Napier, NT Brewis, JE Junor

Ireland vs. EnglandEdit

11 March 1878
  Ireland nil - 2G 1T   England
Try: Gardner
Con: Pearson (2)
Lansdowne Road, Ireland
Referee: E Swainton  (England)

Ireland: RB Walkington capt., RN Maiter, FW Kidd, GL Fagan, TG Gordon, EWD Crocker, WD Moore, F Schute, HW Murray, W Finlay, JA MacDonald, HG Edwards, HC Kelly, RW Hughes, W Griffiths

England: WJ Penny, AW Pearson, A.N. Hornby, HJ Enthoven, AH Jackson, JL Bell, HP Gardner, CL Verelst, T Blatherwick, Murray Marshall capt., A Budd, GF Vernon, WH Hunt, EF Dawson, Edward Beadon Turner


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