1860 in China

Events from the year 1860 in China.

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  • Nian Rebellion
  • Second Opium War[2]
  • Taiping Rebellion[2]
    • Battle of Jiangnan (1860)
      • June 2 — Taiping forces under the Loyal King capture Suzhou
    • Taiping forces defeat a Qing army surrounding Tianjing, breaking the siege
    • June-September — Battle of Anqing, Qing forces capture Anqing
    • May — Taiping armies rout imperial siege troops at Nanjing.
    • Issachar Roberts arrives in Nanjing.
    • Frederick Townsend Ward enlists foreigners for rifle corps in Shanghai.
    • Zeng Guofan appointed acting Viceroy of Liangjiang, Jiangxi, Anhui, and Jiangsu; receives full appointment on August 10.
    • July 15 — The Loyal King sends letter stating that the Taiping won’t harm foreigners at Shanghai.
    • July 16 — Frederick Townsend Ward’s militia captures Songjiang
    • July 28 — Zeng Guofan sets up headquarters in Qimen.
    • July 30 — Taiping forces defeat Frederick Townsend Ward at Qingpu.
    • August 2 — Joseph Edkins and Griffith John arrive in Suzhou to meet Hong Rengan.
    • August 19 — British and French forces attack Taiping rebels at Shanghai.
  • Miao Rebellion (1854–73)
  • Convention of Peking
    • Amur Annexation, the annexation of the current southeast corner of Siberia into Russia in 1858–1860
  • Panthay Rebellion
  • Approximate beginning of the Tongzhi Restoration



  • Lam Qua, painter who specialized in Western-style portraits intended largely for Western clients
  • Luo Zundian, Qing commander who was forced to commit suicide after losing
  • Zhang Guoliang, Qing commander drowned trying to escape in the Jiangnan campaign


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