1855 in China

Events from the year 1855 in China.

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  • Gurun Princess Rong'an (7 May 1855 – 28 February 1875) was a princess of the Qing Dynasty
  • Xu Shichang (October 20, 1855 – June 5, 1939) was the President of the Republic of China, in Beijing, from 10 October 1918 to 2 June 1922. The only permanent president of the Beiyang government to be a civilian, his presidency was also the longest of the warlord era.
  • Metrophanes, Chi Sung (December 10, 1855 – June 10, 1900) was the first Chinese Eastern Orthodox priest to be martyred. He was killed with his family members and church followers in 1900 during the Boxer Rebellion
  • Ni Tian (Chinese: 倪田; 1855–1919), born as Baotian, courtesy name Mogeng, sobriquet as Modaoren and Biyuehezhu, was a Chinese painter in Qing Dynasty and Republic Period.
  • Ma Anliang (1855 – November 24, 1918) was a Hui born in Hezhou, Gansu, China. He became a general in the Qing dynasty army, and of the Republic of China.
  • Bi Xiugu (Chinese: 畢秀姑, 1855-1930) also known as Xiao Baicai and Bi Jinlian was the main figure of a cause célèbre in 1870s China known as Yang Niawu and Xiao Baicai



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