1829 Pennsylvania's 8th congressional district special election

A special election was held in Pennsylvania's 8th congressional district on October 13, 1829 to fill two vacancies in Pennsylvania's congressional delegation before the first session of the 21st Congress.

The vacancies had been caused by the resignations of Samuel D. Ingham (J) who was chosen as U.S. Treasury Secretary and George Wolf (J) who was elected Governor of Pennsylvania[1]

Election results


As the 8th district was a plural district with two seats, both empty, this election sent two people to Congress, bolded here for clarity.

Candidate Party Votes[2] Percent
Peter Ihrie, Jr. Jacksonian 5,602 27.2%
Samuel A. Smith Jacksonian 5,168 25.1%
Nathaniel B. Eldred Jacksonian 4,993 24.3%
George Harrison Jacksonian 4,822 23.4%

Ihrie and Smith took their seats on December 7, 1829, the first day of the First Session of the 21st Congress[1]

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