1829 Delaware gubernatorial election

The 1829 Delaware gubernatorial election was held on October 6, 1829. Incumbent Federalist Governor Charles Polk Jr. was barred from seeking re-election to a second consecutive term. David Hazzard, the two-time Democratic-Republican nominee for Governor, ran as the National Republican, or Anti-Jacksonian, candidate as the First Party System crumbled and new political parties were formed. He was opposed by Allan Thompson, the Jacksonian candidate. Hazzard ended up winning the governorship on his third try, narrowly beating out Thompson.[1]

1829 Delaware gubernatorial election

← 1826 October 6, 1829 1832 →
Nominee David Hazzard Allan Thompson
Party National Republican Jacksonian
Popular vote 4,215 4,046
Percentage 51.02% 48.98%

Governor before election

Charles Polk Jr.

Elected Governor

David Hazzard
National Republican

General electionEdit


1829 Delaware gubernatorial election[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
National Republican David Hazzard 4,215 51.02%
Jacksonian Allan Thompson 4,046 48.98%
Majority 169 2.05% +0.94%
Turnout 8,261 100.00%
National Republican gain from Federalist


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