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The 1827 general election organized the third legislature of the Second Restoration. The election was held on 17 and 24 November.

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All 430 seats of the Chamber of Deputies
216 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  Villèle.jpg Marquis de la Fayette.jpg François Régis de La Bourdonnaye, comte de La Bretèche.jpg
Leader Jean-Baptiste de Villèle The Marquis of Lafayette François-Régis de La Bourdonnaye
Party Ultras Doctrinaires Dissident Ultras
Leader's seat Haute-Garonne Seine-et-Marne Maine-et-Loire
Seats won 185 170 75
Popular vote 40,420 37,600 15,980
Percentage 43.1% 39.5% 17.4%

French National Assembly 1827.svg
Composition of the Chamber of Deputies

Prime Minister before election

Jean-Baptiste de Villèle

Elected Prime Minister

The Viscount of Martignac

Only citizens paying taxes were eligible to vote, and despite this, the Ultra-royalists loyal to Charles X of France came in second.

Charles X of France dissolved this Assembly in 1830 and sparked the 1830 election.


Party Leader Votes % Seats
  Ultra-royalists Jean-Baptiste de Villèle 40,420 43.1% 185
  Doctrinaires The Marquis of Lafayette 37,600 39.5% 170
  Dissident Ultras François-Régis de La Bourdonnaye 15,980 17.4% 75
Total 94,000[1] 100% 430