1824 French legislative election

The 1824 general election organized the third legislature of the Second Restoration. The election was held on 25 February and 6 March.

1824 French legislative election

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All 430 seats of the Chamber of Deputies
216 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  Villèle.jpg Pierre-Paul Royer-Collard.jpg
Leader Jean-Baptiste de Villèle Pierre Royer-Collard
Party Ultras Doctrinaires
Leader's seat Haute-Garonne Pas-de-Calais
Seats won 413 17
Popular vote 90,240 3,760
Percentage 96.0% 4.0%

French National Assembly 1824.svg
Composition of the Chamber of Deputies

Prime Minister before election

Jean-Baptiste de Villèle

Elected Prime Minister

Jean-Baptiste de Villèle

Only citizens paying taxes were eligible to vote. The election was an overwhelming victory for Villèle and the ultras, as only 17 MPs of the opposition were re-elected (including Royer-Collard, Cécile Stanilas de Girardin, Benjamin Constant and Maximilien Sébastien Foy).


Party Leader Votes % Seats
  Ultra-royalists Jean-Baptiste de Villèle 90,240 96.0% 413
  Doctrinaires Pierre Royer-Collard 3,760 4.0% 17
Total 94,000[1] 100% 430


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