17 December 1930 Guatemalan presidential election

A coup d'état occurred in Guatemala on 17 December 1930, which ousted president Baudilio Palma; then, Congress appointed coup leader Orellana Contreras as the new President of Guatemala in a legislative presidential election.

Front page of Nuestro Diario on 18 December 1930, where it is informed that de facto lead Orellana Contreras was appointed President of Guatemala by Congress.[1]

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After the coup d'état against president Baudilio Palma – who had just been designated president of Guatemala after a stroke forced president Lázaro Chacón to resign on 12 December 1930 – the Congress appointed general Manuel María Orellana Contreras as provisional president.[2][3][4] However, given the large investments that American companies had in Guatemala -especially the United Fruit Company, the United States Secretary of State Henry Stimson publicly denounced Orellana as an unconstitutional leader and demanded his removal. Realizing that the Americans would not recognize his government, Orellana resigned on December 29.[5][6]

Eventually, general Jorge Ubico came into power in 1931, and ruled Guatemala with a tight grip until he was deposed on 1 July 1944; during his rule, the power and influence of the United Fruit Company strengthened in Guatemala.[7]

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