1797 Georgia gubernatorial election

The 1797 Georgia gubernatorial election was held on 11 January 1798 in order to elect the Governor of Georgia. Democratic-Republican nominee and former United States Senator from Georgia James Jackson won the election in a Georgia General Assembly vote as he ran unopposed.[1]

1797 Georgia gubernatorial election

← 1795 11 January 1798 1799 →
Nominee James Jackson
Party Democratic-Republican
Percentage 100.00%

Governor before election

Jared Irwin

Elected Governor

James Jackson

General election


On election day, 11 January 1798, Democratic-Republican nominee James Jackson won the election as he ran unopposed. Jackson was sworn in as the 23rd Governor of Georgia on 12 January 1798.


Georgia gubernatorial election, 1797[2]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic-Republican James Jackson 100.00
Total votes 100.00
Democratic-Republican hold


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