1780 English cricket season

The 1780 English cricket season was the ninth in which matches have been awarded retrospective first-class cricket status. The scorecards of four first-class matches have survived. The first six-seam cricket balls were used during the season.

1780 English cricket season

Matches edit

Four first-class match scorecards survive from 1780, two of them matches between England sides and Hampshire XIs and two between sides organised by John Sackville, 3rd Duke of Dorset and Horatio Mann.[1][2]

Four other matches are known to have been played during the season, including one between a Kent XI and a Surrey XI and three involving Berkshire XIs, including one against an Oxfordshire XI.[7]

Other events edit

Duke & Son of Penshurst made the first six-seam cricket ball during the year. It was presented to the Prince of Wales.[8][9]

Debutants edit

Other events edit

Duke & Son of Penshurst made the first six-seam cricket ball and it was presented to the Prince of Wales.

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