15th Transport Aviation Brigade (Ukraine)

The 15th Transport Aviation Brigade "Aircraft Designer Oleg Antonov" is a formation of the Ukrainian Air Force.[3]

15th Transport Aviation Brigade
15 БрТрА.png
BranchAir Force
Garrison/HQBoryspil International Airport, Kiev Oblast[1][2]
Colonel Dmytro Filatov[3]
Air Force Sleeve patch
Left Arm
RoundelRoundel of Ukraine.svg
Fin flashLesser Coat of Arms of Ukraine.svg
Aviation branch insignia
Емблема авіації (2007).png
Aircraft flown
TransportAn-24, An-26, Tu-134


15th Aviation Special Purpose Brigade
15th Transport Aviation Brigade before August 15, 2008

In 1995, the regiment received Antonov An-30B aircraft and personnel from the disbanded 86th Independent Long-Range Reconnaissance Squadron.

On February 17, 1997, the 1st ATR was reformed as the 15th Transport Aviation Brigade

In 2001 the Brigade was known as 15th Aviation Special Purpose Brigade.[2]


  • 1st Transport Squadron - Antonov An-26, a single Antonov An-24 and a single Tupolev Tu-134A-3. Its tasks are the transportation of cargo, personnel and senior members of the armed forces and the state.
  • 2nd Aerial Photography Squadron “Blakytna stezha” - An-30B aircraft which carry out international observation missions under the “Open Skies” Treaty, performing aerial inspections.
  • 3rd Helicopter Squadron - Mil Mi-8 of various versions for transportation of high-command officers and leaders of the state.



  • Participated in the war in Afghanistan from 1981, and performed both standard tasks, aerial photography of the territory for mapping and special tasks: visual monitoring of Mujahideen groups, vectoring of combat aircraft on weapon caravans and assistance in SAR operations.
  • Brigade was involved in response Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster.
  • Supported Ukrainian operations in UN missions in the former Yugoslavia, Iraq), and Africa (Angola, Sierra Leone.
  • Brigade have actively participated in anti-terrorist operations in East Ukraine.
  • International observation missions under the “Open Skies” Treaty, performing aerial inspections.



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Coordinates: 50°21′17″N 30°54′42″E / 50.3547°N 30.9117°E / 50.3547; 30.9117